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Media Materials and Equipment

Media Resources

The CERC maintains a large collection of nursing and nursing-related media materials including a permanent collection of well over 500 videos and DVDs covering a variety of clinical, theoretical, and historical topics in nursing; textbooks and other reference books; computer software; audio cassettes, slides, and videodisks. The CERC works with nursing faculty to provide a collection which meets instructional needs and keeps pace with the expansion of nursing knowledge. In addition to this constantly growing library, the CERC also provides students with access to an array of materials placed on reserve by nursing faculty including course texts, videos, handouts, and articles. All media items are available for checkout by students and faculty members according to the periods predetermined by the CERC.

Nursing Equipment

In addition to media resources, the CERC also possesses a large supply of nursing equipment available for checkout by students and faculty for purposes of outside, independent practice. These items include assessment kits, blood pressure cuffs, stethoscopes, and oto/ophthalmoscopes. The CERC encourages students especially to take advantage of this equipment by checking items out for predetermined periods of time for practice at home.

All items in the CERC’s collection may be found listed on the CERC’s database, a listing of teaching aids, media materials, and available equipment. Students and faculty are encouraged to browse the database and to search for any items they may find useful or necessary.

If materials cannot be found, please contact the CERC at (585) 275-5913 or email to Do NOT contact Medical Media Center or outside vendors directly. The CERC is here to coordinate this process.

If you have any questions on the materials in the CERC’s collection or would like to suggest additions, please contact the CERC as above. As always, our goal is to provide the best possible educational experience to everyone in the Rochester nursing community.

Purchases of new media as requested by faculty must be processed through the CERC. Forms for such requests may be found through the following link: CERC Purchasing Policy and Form

For purposes of technology-enhanced classroom learning, classrooms in Helen Wood Hall are either permanently equipped or may be temporarily equipped with computers and projectors. The portable computer setups, used for the older classrooms, are managed by OER and the Media Specialist, Philip Frey, both of whom may be contacted for reserving a setup for a certain class. Other media equipment, as listed below, is also available for use through the Media Specialist or through OER.

Media Equipment

  • Four computer/projector setups (two laptops, two desktops)
    (Computers and projectors are built into all new classrooms)
  • Handycam camcorder
  • Document camera
  • Overhead projector (standard equipment in old classrooms)
  • Slide projector (standard equipment in old classrooms)

Philip Frey
(585) 273-2537
Pager: 16-3961

Office of Educational Resources (OER)
(585) 275-ROOM (275-7666)