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CERC Equipment and Support

For purposes of technology-enhanced classroom learning, classrooms in Helen Wood Hall are either permanently equipped or may be temporarily equipped with computers and projectors. The portable computer setups, used for the older classrooms, are managed by OER and the Media Specialist, Philip Frey, both of whom may be contacted for reserving a setup for a certain class. Other media equipment, as listed below, is also available for use through the Media Specialist or through OER.

Media Equipment

  • Four computer/projector setups (two laptops, two desktops)
    (Computers and projectors are built into all new classrooms)
  • Handycam camcorder
  • Document camera
  • Overhead projector (standard equipment in old classrooms)
  • Slide projector (standard equipment in old classrooms)

Philip Frey
(585) 273-2537
Pager: 16-3961

Office of Educational Resources (OER)
(585) 275-ROOM (275-7666)