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Our Faculty

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One of the most important reasons for choosing any school is its faculty. Our faculty members are not only outstanding teachers, but they're also expert clinicians and researchers who practice what they teach.

They bring that real-world experience into every classroom and every informal, in-the-hall discussion. You can feel their passion for educating a new generation of health care leaders in the way they talk with students. They're genuinely excited to share their ideas, their skills, and their knowledge of what life in the field is really like.

They are drawn from all over the country, bringing with them a wide-ranging diversity of experience and thought. Most of them do advanced, research-based, best practice nursing in the most progressive clinical settings. They share the spotlight and compete for recognition and funding with the best scientists in the field. Bottom line - they're uniquely positioned to help our students learn the newest and most successful practices and to prepare our graduates for a rapidly changing world.