Clinical Nurse Leader Program

Academics and Curriculum

The Clinical Nurse Leader program is part time, 35 credits and can be completed in six semesters. You can take one or two courses per semester.

The curriculum builds on your previous clinical nursing knowledge and work experience, encompassing nursing leadership, clinical practice, interprofessional team-based care, and clinical outcomes management.

Ultimately, you’ll focus on improving patient care at the point of care delivery to achieve Triple Aim outcomes – continually improve the experience of care, population health, and reducing per capita health care costs.

The program combines leadership courses with advanced clinical nursing courses in health assessment, physiology/pathophysiology and pharmacology, and evidence-based practice.  The curriculum also covers:

  • informatics
  • process improvement
  • value in health care
  • epidemiology
  • population health
  • program design

To round out the program, you will complete a 400-hour immersion experience where you take on the leadership role of a clinical nurse leader in your workplace. After completing all coursework and clinical experiences, you will be prepared to sit for the CNL certification exam.

Degree Plan

Professional Core

Course Title Credits
NUR 400 Research Principles for Evidence-Based Practice 5 credits
NUR 401 The Writing Workshop 1 credit

Clinical Specialty

Course Title Credits
NLX 475 Leadership in Clinical nursing 4 credits
NLX 421 Physiology, Pathophysiology, and Pharmacology for Nurse Leaders and Educators 4 credits
NLX 422 Health Assessment for Nurse Leaders and Educators 2 credits
NLX 466 Epidemiology 3 credits
NLX 464 Informatics, Process Improvement, and Value in Health Care 3 credits
NLX 467 Population Health and Program Design 3 credits
NLX 476 CNL Immersion Experience 3 credits
NLX 470 Foundations of Leadership and Organizational Behavior 4 credits

Course Title Credits
NLX 465 Master's Capstone 4 credits
NLX 493 Comprehensive Exam 0 credits

Total course hours: 36
Total clinical hours: 224